AG Advisory Board Members

AG Advisory Board Members

Board MemberTitle
Joey AdamsChair
D.P. Ward 
Keith Andries 

The AG Advisory Board’s Role in the Property Tax System

Sec. 6.12 of the Texas’s Property Tax Code, requires chief appraisers to appoint an agricultural appraisal advisory board. The legislature created this advisory board to help improve communications between the farming and ranching community and the appraisal district. The board’s purpose is to advise the chief appraiser on the appraisal and use of agricultural land.

Ag boards must have three to five members and meet at least once annually at the call of the chief appraiser, as required in Tax Code Section 6.12. By appointing the required Ag board and conducting the required annual meetings the board and chief appraiser support the CAD in improving its appraisal and classification of agricultural land.

Ag Advisory Board Meeting Agenda October 25, 2022

1-D-1 Open Space Guidelines

This page contains links to SJCAD’s Open Space, Wildlife Management, and Timber Guidelines. The guidelines discuss degrees of intensity, different 1-D-1 open space agriculture uses, wildlife management qualifications, and timberland appraisal qualifications.

SJCAD Agriculture Guidelines

SJCAD Timber Land Guidelines

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